All you need is one idea and a clear plan and you can write a book that generates revenue, attracts clients and creates opportunities for your business day in, day out.

But despite being more than capable of writing a book that could literally revolutionise the performance of your business, it still isn’t done.

Even if you plan to start your book – or write a bit more of it – you still find that it never quite happens. Half-made decisions lead to doubts about your idea and fears about the technical aspects of producing a book hold you back so when you do sit down to work on your book, instead of feeling excited you feel drained and overwhelmed.

It can be different…

There is an easier way to write and publish a book, one that truly gets your business noticed, attracts clients, creates revenue and becomes the foundation for a range of income-generating products and services.

Here is how to finally get your book published

  1. Choose a topic that conveys your business message, demonstrates your expertise and excites your readers.
  2. Create a simple book plan that gets all the big decisions out of the way early on and keeps you on track until the book is published.
  3. Sort out the technical issues around publishing and marketing before you start writing.
  4. Learn how to develop content and structure so writing your book feels easy no matter how tired or busy you are.
  5. Get constructive, energising feedback that smothers your doubts when you are feeling unsure.

Why I can help

Deborah Taylor, Founder of Book-Launch Your BusinessMy name is Deborah Taylor. I am a publishing professional with over 12 years’ experience as an editor. As well as using my business acumen to grow the value of my lists from £750k to £1.5m in 18 months, I also worked closely with many novice and inexperienced authors to help them untangle their thoughts and create a book they were proud to put their name to.

If you want to be a published author whose book gets their business noticed, contact me so we can arrange to talk about your book in a complimentary Publishing Strategy Session or get my free eBook so you can discover how to write a book that is irresistible to your prospective clients, and get my weekly newsletter full of detailed articles about how to publish your book and make the most of its business-building potential.

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