Surviving the book production process

The book production process is definitely a challenging part of getting your book published. There are four distinct phases to the publication process: conceptualizing and planning, writing and revising, production, and marketing. In my view, as a business owner there is a fifth process, too, and that is monetizing – the process of turning your book into a money-making product or one that significantly develops and grows your business in some way.

Today, though, I’m going to focus on the book production process because it is a place that many self-publishing authors get stuck, especially if they want to get their book published in print.

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The final stage in getting your book done

The final stage in getting your book done is often the hardest because it involves a technical process that can be difficult to understand, and because it can involve working with other people.

This can quickly turn into a stumbling block that keeps you turning back to more revisions, and endless delaying unless you finally begin the publication process itself.

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7 Ways to Become an Author without Writing a Book

If writing isn’t your thing or you don’t want to commit a lot of your time and energy to writing a book (but you still want to be an author) here are some solutions that are worth investigating as they may solve the problem for you.

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