You really can publish your book

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You may not realise it but you really can publish your book - because you already have what it takes to get the job done. Although writing a book has several stages and looks complicated and long, if you take it one step at a time and make the most of your experience and natural abilities, it is far easier than you think.

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Get Inspired and Write Your Book

It's simple. When you get inspired, you will write your book. Starting a big project like writing a book is challenging. No matter how much we want to do it, sometimes we cannot break through the fears and doubts so we can get started. If you are frustrated by your own procrastinating habits when it comes to getting started with your book, you need to learn how to get inspired so you can finally get started with your book.

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Survive the publication process

Many self-publishing authors worry about being able to survive the publication process. And that isn't surprising because it is a demanding time: finding an editor, knowing how much to pay them, understanding what they do, knowing how to handle having your book edited, knowing what to do to get the book formatted or designed and so it goes on.

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Writing resistance

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Are you in a state of writing resistance? Are you holding back from writing your book? I ask not so I can sell you this solution or that solution, but just to make you aware of your own answer. And also to say, I too have been holding back with my work; with my business, with my books – and with living my life. I have been so lost in resistance that I have been static for a long time. I feel like someone living in a snow globe, just when I find some peace, everything gets shaken up again. I have lost my way. But last week, I had an epiphany; three realisations about my life came from three distinct events, each of which has brought me to a place of deeper understanding and realisation about why my life is not working out the way I want it to and what I need to do to change it. Resistance Whenever I say the word ‘resistance’ I always think of the Borg in Star Trek. When they are about to capture their prey, they advise each that ‘resistance is futile’. In other words: don’t bother resisting us, we are stronger than you. Of course, resistance is also futile because it literally gets you nowhere. When you resist, you are stuck. You are paralysed and unable to move and when you are stuck, everything can feel futile. This can lead to an ‘all-or-nothing’ mentality, which keeps us stuck because it makes only big actions feel purposeful, when in fact, baby steps are what we need to take if we are to break free. Another phrase I heard about resistance this week was from a self-builder on the Channel 4 television programme, Grand Designs. She and her husband wanted to clad their building in a special blue brick,...

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Conspicuous by your absence

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It led me to ask myself this question: “Where are you being absent in your business (or even your life) right now?” I realised that my absence from one area of my life was showing up in other areas, too. Needless to say, I had plenty of great excuses for my absences: work, money, energy, time…But these are just excuses.

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What are you prepared to give up for your book

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One truth in life and in business alike is that if we want something we usually have to be prepared to give something up to get it. So my question for you is: what are you prepared to give up for your book? “It’s not hard to decide what you want your life to be about. What’s hard, she said, is figuring out what you’re willing to give up in order to do the things you really care about.” Shauna Niequist,"Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way” However, not everything we give up has the same impact on us, nor does it hold the same importance for us. It is important to recognise the difference and ensure that when you do give something up for your book you know why, and you do it not as a martyr but as a leader.

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Finding the energy and inspiration to write

Finding the energy and inspiration to write isn't always easy. The number one reason why most books don’t get written is because their authors can’t maintain their writing schedule. Why is that? Why does the energy and enthusiasm for your book evaporate so fast, even though you’re motivated to succeed?

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Am I capable of writing a book

One of the key reasons many aspiring authors don't even start their book is because they are dogged by the question: ‘Am I capable of writing a book?’ The root of that doubt lies in three places: Your ability to get through the process of writing a book. Your ability to write the number of words to create a book. Your ability to write sufficiently well to write a book

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The personal qualities and business skills needed to write a book

When it comes to taking on the challenge of publishing a book there are a number of personal qualities and business skills that will get your book done. These qualities and skills will be critical to your success. Some of the personal qualities you need include self-confidence, determination, resilience, leadership and courage. Business skills include: planning, organisation and the ability to manage your money, time and energy.

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Maintaining confidence when writing your book

It's easy to think that writing a book is all about technical know-how, marketing prowess and dogged determination. But there is another factor that comes into play when it comes to writing your book: confidence. These factors can affect your book-writing success at any point, not just in finishing, which is when confidence seems to be most in need. Let's look at how your self-confidence and belief can have an impact at pivotal points in the creation of the book.

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Finding the courage to publish your book

April 30, 2014 |  by  |  365 Day Blogging Challenge, Self  |  Share

No matter how much technical information, advice, feedback and other kind of support you might get, it is you alone who has to have the courage to publish your book.

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Your decision to write a book

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When you make a committed decision to do something, everything changes. There is action, movement, and change.

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The benefits of time off – how kicking back can help you leap forward

April 15, 2014 |  by  |  365 Day Blogging Challenge, Self, Writing  |  Share

Today has been one of those impromptu days off that you can only have when you are self-employed. It is a joyous interlude that helps to balance out the stressful, ‘everything is going wrong’ moments that happen in any business.

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Taking a step back can move your book forward faster

April 1, 2014 |  by  |  365 Day Blogging Challenge, Self  |  Share

Today has been a day of reflection, thought and planning for me. It's a day we all need sometimes in our businesses - and indeed our lives. But it isn't a day we often take. We can easily forget to take a step back. We get so wound into our goals and our to-do list that we never come up for air. We do this with our major projects, too, especially with a book. Strangely, taking a step back can actually move you forward much faster. I[m sure you've experienced the 'eureka' moment that comes when you are relaxed and not trying to think of a solution to a problem you're experiencing. It's the same with a book. Taking time off can bring perspective, time to let your thoughts settle and space for issues to resolve themselves without you having to bang your head against a wall. So, the next time you or your book are stuck, stop. Take a break, take a step back and enjoy the progress that happens as a result.  

Procrastination: Ditching the Block that Stands Between You and Your Book

We all procrastinate; we may procrastinate about different things but we all do it nevertheless. Usually, we procrastinate most when we are about to do something that we find challenging or when we are stuck in some way. Procrastination usually takes the form of doing something that is unimportant or doing something mindless. If you procrastinate, you’ll know how painful and frustrating the behaviour is. One part of you wants to leap forward, the other part wants to play computer games, clean the spare room or watch tv. It’s as if there is some tug-of-war going on inside you. So, how do you begin to overcome this particularly tricky conundrum and actually get yourself moving? In her book, The Seven Secrets of the Prolific: The definitive guide to overcoming procrastination, perfectionism and writer’s block, Hillary Rettig discusses why we procrastinate and how to resolve our negative habits. Rettig describes the ‘prolific’ as people who have a way of moving past blocks that procrastinators or as she prefers to call them, ‘perfectionists’ cannot get past. While one character-type spends days or weeks getting past a particular roadblock the prolific find a way round in minutes. To get beyond the roadblock, Rettig recommends three ‘productivity behaviours’: Show up when you are scheduled to show up. Do what you are supposed to do at the scheduled time. Do it uninterruptedly for a long period of time (with only a few short breaks). For me, there is a stage before this can happen – and it is a solution Rettig refers to for the severely stuck writer – and that is simply turning up. It was a strategy I employed a few years ago when I was confused and overwhelmed to the point of total inertia. I was so allergic to my office and my desk that in the end I simply set...

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What is Your Reason for Writing a Book?

Why do you want to publish a book? At first glance, the answer to this question seems obvious. With a book you can raise your profile, promote your business, generate income, attract clients…the list is endless. Today, I’m going to focus on just three key business benefits of writing a book so you can begin to consider why you want to be an author. This is not an exhaustive list but I hope it gets you thinking about why you do things in your business. It is easy to gloss over the reason why we do things, especially when it comes to growing and developing our businesses. We often start projects or consider marketing or promotional strategies without giving enough time to consider why we are doing them. This can make it easy for us to lose our way and forget what the purpose of the project is if we get distracted or the project gets difficult (as all projects tend to do at some point). I hope this exploration of just three benefits of writing and publishing a book will help you to connect with your Big Why in relation to becoming an author. Benefit 1: Reach When you publish a book you extend the reach of your business beyond your own networks and the existing traffic capabilities of your website, which means you are able to reach more people.  The biggest example of this is a Kindle book, although there are ways of extending your read with print and PDF eBooks. When you extend your reach you can: Attract visitors to your site so you can grow your mailing list. Generate leads for your products and services. Connect with people who you might not have known about your work otherwise. Benefit 2: Authority When you publish a book, you confirm your status as an expert. This brings enormous benefits,...

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