Four keys to maintaining momentum with your book

Maintaining your momentum with your book is critical but when you are busy and distracted, this can be difficult to do.

As I discuss in my free eBook 10 Simple Steps to Writing and Irresistible eBook that will Launch Your Business and Grow Your List Fast, publishing a book requires you to wear many different hats: business owner, writer, editor, publisher, sales manager… (to name but a few). This is why maintaining momentum with your book can be such a challenge. While one hat may fit you perfectly, others may not feel right at all.

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Maintaining confidence when writing your book

It’s easy to think that writing a book is all about technical know-how, marketing prowess and dogged determination. But there is another factor that comes into play when it comes to writing your book: confidence.

These factors can affect your book-writing success at any point, not just in finishing, which is when confidence seems to be most in need. Let’s look at how your self-confidence and belief can have an impact at pivotal points in the creation of the book.

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The importance of staying with the book-revision process

There are going to be days – maybe more than a few – when you struggle to work on your book. You will have doubts, feel overwhelmed and lose your way. When this happens, you need to remind yourself that if you are going to finish your book that you need to stay with the book-revision process.

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Your decision to write a book

When you make a committed decision to do something, everything changes. There is action, movement, and change.

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Finish writing your first draft before you start doing revisions

It is far too easy to get stuck when you are writing. One glitch or change of mind can make you feel as if the whole project is flawed. However, that is rarely the case. Doubts and fears can bring on the kind of negative thinking that has you believe you need to abandon the whole book because one small part of it is not working.

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