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For coaches, consultants and experts who want to write an outstanding book that raises their profile, grows their business and helps their readers


How to work with me

The Business Book Academy Membership

A library of courses, templates, planners and support for business authors, covering all aspects of writing and publishing a book


The Book Development Programme

A mentoring programme that help you develop an outstanding book concept that makes publishing and writing easier and faster


QuickStart Publishing Masterclasses

A series of 1-hour masterclasses designed to help you understand and implement key writing and publishing tasks fast


About me

Hi, I'm Deborah Taylor and I'm the founder of Book-Launch Your Business. I want to help you write the best book you possibly can - because the world needs more good books - and you need a book that's going to perform for you, your readers and your business

Using my 20+ years' experience as an editor for major UK publishers, and my business background, I know how to craft books to ensure they speak to their intended readers and actually sell

I've published books on every subject under the sun, from cookery and computer science to health and personal development.

I've worked on major UK bestselling titles and with authors such as Antonio Carluccio, Sophie Grigson, Tony Buzan, Suzy Greaves (now Walker) and Bill Oddie as well as with organisations such as Oxfam, Cordon Bleu, the BBC Natural History Unit, West Ham United and the Football Association.

I'm also a ICF certified Empowerment Coach and a Master Practitioner of NLP

Most important of all, I'm here to help YOU write an authoritative book that delivers on your goals and helps you grow your business in whatever way is meaningful to you. 

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