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It's time to get your book done!

As a savvy coach, you know writing a book will raise your profile, get you noticed, and establish you as an expert in your field. But for some reason, it’s just not happening.

You want to write a book, but...

  • You haven't got a clue where to start
  • The technical stuff gives you sleepless nights
  • You just never seem to have the time!

But somehow you still hanker after becoming an author, because...

  • You know you have something to say 
  • Your clients keep asking you if you've written a book
  • All your competitors are doing it!

I get it!

There’s a nasty little statistic that says it takes between 4 and 9 years to write a book if you do it on your own. Heck! You haven’t got that much time to waste getting your book done!

But… what if you could get the support, feedback and know-how you need to get your book written faster – and better? How would it feel to know you’re following a proven system that takes you from A to Z in a way that makes sense and is easy-to-follow?

This is what you get with Book-Launch Your Business!

Hi, I’m Deborah

I'm here to help you write the best book for your business as it is right now. One that takes you from where you are to the next step so you can grow. I use my experience of developing new titles for major UK publishers to help you craft and outline a book raises your profile and attracts the right clients for you. Clients that recognise the value of your expertise and are willing to pay to work with you. 

I’ve used my 20+ years of editorial experience gained in top UK publishing companies to build courses, memberships and other tools to help fabulous coaches like you turn their ideas, solutions and voice into standout books. 

Find out more about me!
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How I can help


The Business Book Academy has everything you need to get from start to finish with your book. Find out more here.


I've got a range of products, from courses and planners to masterclasses to help you with your book. Check out the store here.

Free resources

  • Book-Launch Your Business

    “Deborah has designed a clear, simple process that guides you from ‘Why write a book?’ to a detailed content plan - and more. I had the germ of an idea which, with her help, burgeoned into a purpose, core message, chapter headings and a content plan. I was thrilled! I came away inspired, motivated and confident that I could write my book and get it published. ”

    Author of Making Management Simple

  • Book-Launch Your Business

    “I had no real idea how to produce a book and so it was useful to have the whole process broken down into manageable chunks. I would probably have spent ages rewriting the opening chapter rather than having a plan of action and implementing it. Working with Deborah helped me stick to the plan and finish the book within a few months.”

    Author of Get Creative

  • Book-Launch Your Business

    “Deborah helped me put my thoughts on paper and structure the content of my book. She encouraged me to “just write” and forget about trying to make everything perfect, which helped me get my thoughts out and onto paper. She has given me masses of positive feedback and encouragement, as well as setting me challenges to help me meet my goals.”

    Author of Empowering Employee Engagement