As I have just completed the first two weeks of my 365 Day Blogging Challenge I wanted to share some of my experience with you in case you were thinking of blogging as part of your own business.

Before I began this challenge, I truly struggled to get down to writing blog posts. I didn’t even get as far as sitting down in front of the computer, never mind actually writing something on a regular basis. I just couldn’t get myself going at all. The Challenge has changed all that.365 Day Blogging Challenge

While I don’t want to get ahead of myself, after all I still have a long way to go – 350 days to be precise – but up to this point it has been an enlightening and very positive experience.

I have been surprised to discover that blog posts flow onto the page with far greater ease than I expected and that the whole practice of blogging has allowed me to uncover my own knowledge and expertise so I can share it. That feels good.

Keeping a record

Now that I have been writing for a couple of weeks, I am going to set up a spread sheet so I can record all my titles, the dates I wrote them, the key topic and any links I included in the post. This will give me an overview of what I have written, which is going to be essential as I get further into the Challenge. After all, I don’t repeat myself! It will also make it easier for me to start to link together any related posts and to pick out posts to refer to in my forthcoming regular newsletter. The spread sheet idea comes from Steve Scott’s book How to Write Great Blog Posts that Engage Readers. It’s well worth a read.

Things I want to do better

I still find myself writing my posts at the end of the day (UK time) rather than at the beginning. I sometimes forget about it until later in the day and I have to rush to the computer and try to think of something to say. Somehow, I always do. However, this is not good, so I need to establish and keep to a routine.

I also want to get better at using my blog posts to drive traffic to my website and attract people to join my mailing list. There is a lot more to learn and implement but I have started the journey, and that means I am closer to achieving more and more with my business each day.

What I have discovered

Of course, I worry that I will run out of things to say, that I might be boring (Boring? Moi? surely not!) or that I might write something that is ‘wrong’. But, so far, it has been a very positive experience and I have learned a lot. I have discovered that:

  1. I do have things to say and write about.
  2. I do know what I’m talking about (most of the time, anyway).
  3. I enjoy the discipline of writing daily.

More importantly, I feel more confident, more connected to my business and more professional. I am writing faster and with more ease and that is helping in many other areas of my business. It also feels good to be doing something daily that will develop and grow my business. And even if I achieve nothing else in a day, I know I have at least written my blog post and kept to my commitment to the challenge.

If you want to join me on this challenge, please tell me. I’d love to know why you have joined me and how you are getting on.


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Deborah Taylor
Deborah Taylor

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