7 Ways to Become an Author without Writing a Book

It’s true. You don’t have to write your book to become an author. Many ‘authors’ don’t write their own books because they don’t have time or because they are not confident about their writing.

Of course, this idea is a bit of a tease because you do have to create a book on some level. But if writing isn’t your thing or you don’t want to commit a lot of your time and energy to writing a book but you still want to be an author, some of these solutions would bear investigation as they may solve the problem for you.

Here are 7 solutions you may like to consider.

  1. Hire someone to do it for you. This is an expensive option, but it you have more money than time, it is a worthwhile one. If you already have written material (blogs, reports, business plans etc) you can simply hand it over to a writer, brief them on how many words you want, agree the title and content and let them handle the rest. You will have to manage your writer and sort out the other aspects of publishing your book like getting a cover, hiring an editor or proof-reader and then actually publishing it in whatever format you choose, but the job of writing is handled.
  2. Speak your book. This is a popular choice for anyone who struggles with writing but is comfortable speaking. You don’t need to be a great public speaker, but perhaps you prefer to record video or audio material than to write blog posts. If you already have a lot of YouTube videos and other recordings, this could be a speedy and efficient way to get your book done. You will still have to hire a writer or editor to put it all together and transcribe the material, but that is relatively easy to do if you hire someone via Elance or People Per Hour, for example. big-hand-little-hand
  3. Collate your existing blog posts and reports. This is a great way to use what you already have in terms of written material. Pick out a key theme or collections of excellent blog posts or reports and organise them into a book. This is an excellent way to create a book by stealth. No lengthy writing sessions, you just use what you write on a daily basis. If you want to write a book and you also want to start blogging in earnest, this could be a great way to kill two birds with one stone. You can plan your blogging so that you gradually amass material for your book.
  4. Get interviewed. Ask others to interview you around a key topic or ‘signature’ part of your business. You can then simply get the interviews transcribed or you can ask someone to use the material to form it into a book. If you plan your interview questions carefully, your book will be ready-made. To do it well, you’ll need to do a bit of planning of course (as with all these methods) but if you do that, the book could be ready in a matter of days.
  5. Partner with someone who likes to write. If you know someone who likes to write and is interested in developing their writing career, you could partner up and become joint authors. If that other person also has expertise in your field or expertise that complements your topic or field of expertise, you can share the job of creating content as well. If you have a great marketing machine at your disposal or a huge list of subscribers, this could be a huge win-win. You can both promote your book so you’ll double the impact. If you have entirely separate businesses and lists, you’ll have the added benefit of attracting each other’s subscribers to your own list.
  6. Contribute a chapter to a multi-authored book. You could take the previous idea to the next level by partnering with a group of business owners or writers so that each one of you writes a chapter of a book. Think of the value you can give your readers and the massive increase in impact your book can have. If you are selling on Amazon, you will need to make sure the income from sales is divided fairly between you.
  7. Use a ‘Done for You’ Publishing Service. The final suggestion is to go for a ‘done for you’ package where the writing, editing, production and marketing are all taken care of for you. You may have to supply material, or agree to be interviewed, but apart from reading and commenting on the book once it is written, you could easily by-pass a lot of the work of producing the book and enjoy all of the benefits.

Whatever method you use to produce your book, you will still need to get some foundations in place so you can make sure that your book is going to benefit your business and contribute to its growth and development. Having someone produce your book for you does not remove the need to act like a business owner in selecting a topic, title and goal for your book.

So, before you begin thinking about any of these publishing solutions, ask yourself 3 simple questions:

  • What do I want my book to be about?
  • When do I want to publish it?
  • How much do I want to charge for it?
  • What do I want my book to do for my business?
  • How am I going to promote my book?

The answers to these questions will give you a starting point to begin planning your book and getting some firm ideas as to what you want to achieve.

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