My name is Deborah Taylor and I am the founder of Book-Launch Your Business. I help business owners such as coaches, consultants, speakers and trainers write a book that grows their business.

I believe a book is a statement of leadership and an opportunity to inspire others. 

It's also a flexible product and a powerful marketing tool that can significantly raise the status and impact of a business.

My Background

My first role in publishing was as a trainee editor at Hodder & Stoughton, producing educational titles. Here, I learned to copy edit, proofread and manage books through the publication process. 

From there, I went to a very small publisher for a few months before joining BBC Books.  This was a very exciting role as I got to work with a range of celebrities, TV chefs and food writers as well as television producers, scientists, actors and television presenters to produce a range of TV tie-in books and stand-alone titles.

Some of the authors I worked with included Antonio Carluccio, Sophie Grigson and Raymond Blanc. I produced books with the BBC Natural History Unit for major series such as Life in the Freezer and books on computer science, pregnancy and birth, diet and fitness and much more besides.

After working as a project editor for the BBC for five years, I left to work as a freelance editor for a while. It was at this point that I was headhunted by the Publisher at Cassell plc to work as a commissioning editor there.

This was my first commissioning job and I loved it. I raised the value of the publishing areas I managed from £750,000 to £1.5 million in just 18 months. I commissioned a bestselling book on feng shui, and won publishing deals with Oxfam, Cordon Bleu, Outward Bound and West Ham United. 

Moving away from book publishing

In 1998, I decided to develop my publishing career by training as a web designer. I didn't intend to actually design anything, though; I was simply interested in taking my publishing skills online. 

It felt like a great move; the Internet was new and exciting, I'd always loved computers and I could see that the publishing industry was shrinking, so the change made sense.  

The training course lasted six months and after that, I was lucky enough to work as an intranet designer with Sport England. From there, I went on to work as an Intranet Manager for Reuters and UBS.

But despite the fabulous income, this work didn't feed my soul and I knew it wasn't what I really wanted to do.

Life after the dotcom crash

That was just as well, because the dotcom crash came along soon after. I'd left UBS and had returned to publishing working as a Senior Acquisitions Editor for Pearson. I was responsible for commissioning cutting edge web design books. So, the writing was on the wall in terms of my job. Redundancy soon followed. 

My next step was to become a life coach.  I began by training as a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), hypnosis and Timeline Therapy. 

I began by training as a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), hypnosis and Timeline Therapy. 

I did this in two intensive courses in London before going on to train as an Empowerment Coach with iPEC, in New York. I just loved those weekends in the Big Apple!  

Going into business

I set up my first business in 2004, but it failed spectacularly and I lost everything. 

Yes, everything. 

But I knew that working for myself was what I wanted. I just couldn't let that dream go.

After my first business failed, I worked in a slew of other jobs, including HMRC, Community Mental Health and the Probation Service. I tried to start again in a new career, but it wasn't right. 

One day, while driving to Winchester Prison, I made the connection between my passion for business, my background in publishing and my experience of coaching authors to write great books. The result was Book-Launch Your Business.

Kindle and Amazon were the new kids on the block and every self-respecting online marketer was selling half-baked publishing courses. 

But their approaches all missed out the key steps needed to produce GOOD books.

So, my plan with Book-Launch Your Business was simple: use my experience and knowledge to guide, inspire and teach business owners how to write great books that will grow their business.

Find out how to get started with your book

I believe passionately that a good book can deliver huge benefits for any business. But only when it's done properly. But I also know how much time, energy, money and commitment is needed to produce a good book.

That's where I come in.

Using my knowledge and experience of publishing, I know I can help you write the book you've always dreamed of writing. 

As a coach, I know that writing a book is about more than following a process. It's about building confidence, getting excited about possibilities and stepping up as a leader. 

Do you want churn out any old book just so you can say you're an author? No, of course you don't.

So, let's talk. I would love to hear about your book so I can help you take it from an idea to a finished book.

Sound interesting? If so, please book a FREE 30-minute Book Strategy Session with me. In this session, we'll work together to clarify your book idea and work out the best way for you to get it out there. Just click the link below to fix a time for your FREE session now. I'm looking forward to speaking to you.