Surviving the book production process

The book production process is definitely a challenging part of getting your book published. There are four distinct phases to the publication process: conceptualizing and planning, writing and revising, production, and marketing. In my view, as a business owner there is a fifth process, too, and that is monetizing – the process of turning your book into a money-making product or one that significantly develops and grows your business in some way.

Today, though, I’m going to focus on the book production process because it is a place that many self-publishing authors get stuck, especially if they want to get their book published in print.

Chipping away at your book

You have probably heard the metaphor about not eating the whole elephant but approaching it one mouthful at a time (though why you would want to eat an elephant I have no idea!). You probably have also heard the phrase ‘chipping away’ and ‘one step at a time’. They all convey the same message: take small steps to complete a big job. But how easy is it to work this way?

Revising your first draft

If your book has got stuck at the first draft stage, it’s probably because you are struggling to do your revisions before you send it off to an editor. Revising your first draft is one of the most difficult stages in writing a book, but one that can make all the difference to the quality and readability of the end product. It will also reduce the cost of editing because your editor will need to do less work for you.

Overcome writer’s block

Writer’s block can affect us all, no matter how much we write or how little. There are many ways to overcome writer’s block, and I am going to share one here that is really just a bit of fun. And after all, the best way to overcome a problem is by having fun and getting into a lighter, brighter space in our heads.


People often think I’m joking when I say the publication process takes about 12 weeks. “Why on earth does it take so long?” they ask. And there is a simple answer: because in publishing, you go through the edit-amend-check process time and time again until (hopefully) everything is correct, and you are as sure as you can be that the book is error-free (or as error-free as is humanly possible).

The Publishing Process – Editing

The publishing process can be confusing and difficult to navigate. When I first started working in publishing, it took me a while for me to totally understand the process, so I sympathise with you if you are coming to it for the first time. The truth is that the publishing process is not set in …

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Money, money, money

Last week, I made a decision to quit a job I have been doing for over a year, and which I took in a state of desperation about money. It was one of those jobs that I hated from the outset but which gave me that essential guaranteed income that so many of us self-employed people crave when our businesses are not quite meeting our financial needs.

Four keys to maintaining momentum with your book

Maintaining your momentum with your book is critical but when you are busy and distracted, this can be difficult to do.

As I discuss in my free eBook 10 Simple Steps to Writing and Irresistible eBook that will Launch Your Business and Grow Your List Fast, publishing a book requires you to wear many different hats: business owner, writer, editor, publisher, sales manager… (to name but a few). This is why maintaining momentum with your book can be such a challenge. While one hat may fit you perfectly, others may not feel right at all.