9 Key Benefits of Writing a Short eBook

Publishing a high-quality book of any kind is a great thing to do. It showcases your expertise so you can attract people to your list and find new clients. Somehow, putting something in writing – and doing it well – instantly conveys the message that you are knowledgeable, capable and confident in yourself and your topic. If you believe writing a book has to be a time-consuming and slow process, I am here to show you that there is another way, and it’s called an eBook (Kindle, Nook, Kobo or iBook).

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Book-Launch Your Business

Use your book to generate income for your business

To achieve anything with your book, you need to make sure you plan appropriately from the outset so that you choose the right topic and publish your book in the right format and at the right price. You also need a marketing plan because your book is only one element in a larger marketing strategy.

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