Five questions to ask before starting your book

Here are five questions to ask before starting your book. Each one will help get you ready to write your book. Good planning and preparation could be the difference between success and failure. It may only take a few minutes to think about your answer to each question, but those few minutes could make a big difference to your success with your book.

Three unwelcome truths about book publishing

Over the years, I have come across three unwelcome truths about book publishing that almost every author I have ever met trips over. For self-publishing authors, these three truths are the biggest obstacles to they encounter in publishing their book. In fact, these issues are so huge for aspiring authors that they eclipse the far greater opportunities offered by having a book. So what are these three truths and how can you keep moving towards your goal regardless of their existence?

Money, money, money

Last week, I made a decision to quit a job I have been doing for over a year, and which I took in a state of desperation about money. It was one of those jobs that I hated from the outset but which gave me that essential guaranteed income that so many of us self-employed people crave when our businesses are not quite meeting our financial needs.