Are you time poor or just disorganised?

Manage your priorities and you’ll manage your time.
Manage your priorities and you’ll manage your time.
If that’s the case, and you want to write a book, you need to put ‘write a book’ at the top of your list of priorities at some point, otherwise it will never get done.

It’s easy to think you are too busy but the truth is that you haven’t made a decision that you going to follow through with your desire to write a book. In the absence of that firm decision, your book drifts. Something else comes along and takes up the time you could have spent on it.

How do you successfully implement your book plan

The truth is that we all make plans, we all put some of those plans into action, and we all have plans we never even begin putting into action. Why is that? Is our success down to necessity, simplicity, or our commitment to a project? Do we become afraid and so avoid our plan or do we just get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work we need to do and so never start? Why do we sometimes make plans and never follow through?

What to do when your writing schedule falls apart

Keeping to any schedule is always a challenge; there are bound to be good days and not such good days, days where everything is smooth and feels easy and days when the work feels hard and you get stuck. Getting over one difficult day is one thing, getting over a more long-term disruption or slump can be much harder. When you look at your schedule after you’ve had a major break in your work plans, it can seem as if it is laughing at you.

5 Top Tips for a Great Writing Session

Writing your book is a job and one you can plan and get done in an organised way. Along with your book plan, your word targets will make getting the writing done far easier. Apart from anything else, you can plan the number of words you want to write each day and know when you have met that target. This is very motivating and will allow you to see progress each time you set out to write your book.