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Writing a book is a fantastic project, but it can be hard to do it on your own. Self-doubt, distraction, confusion and indecision can all get in the way. Trying to work on your business while writing a book - not to mention dealing with the rest of life - is a challenge many business owners face.  

This is where I come in.

As your mentor and coach, I'll take you through a proven book-development process that delivers clarity, confidence and a book you're excited to write and eager to promote. 

When you work with me, I'll hold you accountable to your goals, set out a pathway for success and guide you every step of the way. 

Each of the packages below have been designed to help you with a specific part of your book-writing journey, from nailing your concept to writing your first draft and getting your book out into the world. 

Choose a package that works for you or book a Discovery Session to talk through your needs and options. 

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Coaching Packages & Programmes

Book Development Programme

This intensive 6-month coaching programme digs into your book ideas to help you form a high-value book concept.

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The 5-Hour Flexi Coaching

Get coaching without joining a structured programme. Buy a block of 5 hours and use them as you wish over as long as a year.  

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Book & Writing Review

A full review of your book covering key aspects such as structure, flow, content and style, as well as any other feedback you want. 

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2-Hour Coaching Intensive

A one-hour private session where you can get coaching, feedback and information about how to get your book written and published.

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Book Development Programme

Where do you start with your book? With an idea. But how do you turn that idea into a fully-formed book concept that has what it takes to create the results you want: sales, a higher profile, expert status...

The truth is that it takes thinking, research and exploration. In this programme, I take you through the same process I used to create book proposals that I presented to publishing boards. I let you into the secrets that'll help you either self-publish a book that sells or find an agent and publisher. 


5-Hour Flexi Coaching

What gets you through the process of writing a book? Accountability.

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team to support an author through the writing process. The Author Accountability Club combines group power with persoanl coaching to keep you on track from the nervous start, through the messy middle and on to the final words.

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Book and Writing Review

Feedback on manuscripts and published books written by business owners

  • Get feedback on your content and structure
  • Ensure your message is clear and compelling 
  • Set up your book to deliver the results you want 

Whether your book is in manuscript form or already published, get the benefit of my 20+ years' expertise as an editor with major UK publishers. Get a quote today!

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2-Hour Book Coaching Intensive

A private session where you can discuss your book and get answers to your publishing questions

- Is self-doubt stopping you from writing your book?
- Are you stuck and need help to get moving again? 
- Is self-doubt holding you back from starting your book?
- Are you confused about what to do first (or next)?

There's so much information about how to write a book, but sometimes you just need to talk to someone and discuss your ideas and issues privately. Above all, you want to move forward with your book knowing you've got all the information and guidance you need to succeed.

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