Do you have concerns about writing a book

Do you have concerns about writing a book that are stopping you from getting your book written and published? I know many business owners who want to write a book – they are passionate about it, they want to express their ideas and they want to make their mark in the world but somehow, they keep delaying and prevaricating.

Do you find yourself doing this too? If you do it might be worth addressing some of your concerns and fears so you can finally move on and get started with your book.

  1. My book won’t be any good and I’ll look stupid and it might damage my reputation rather than enhancing it.
  2. My book will be a waste of money because I won’t be able to use it to sell more products and services with it.
  3. Writing a book will take a lot of time and effort that won’t bring the benefit I want for my business.

Not everything we do in business works out the way we want it to. That makes investing our time, money and energy in writing a book feel especially risky. However, these fears, while understandable, are rarely based on fact. Let’s look at them a bit more carefully.

Your book won’t be any good

Whenever you create something, there is always a concern that it will be rejected or someone will tell you it’s no good. In truth, worrythere will always be someone who does not like what you do. If you’re worried that those criticisms might be right, there is only one thing to do: get feedback from others. If you have a coach or a friend who can give you feedback, you could ask them. You can also get professional feedback from an experienced editor.

If you work with an editor from the beginning, you can ensure that you choose the best title, plan it with care and get the support you need to write your book to a high standard so you don’t have to worry about how good it is at any point.

You book will be a waste of money

None of us wants to spend money on a project that isn’t going to result in sales or increased business of some kind. However, the money you spend on your book will never be a waste if you ensure you have a marketing plan and business purpose mapped out for your book from the outset.

If you make sure you know why you are producing your book and set up your book and marketing materials so that it delivers that outcome, your book won’t be a waste of money.

Your book will be a waste of time

Time is probably the most precious resource we have as business owners. Nobody wants to spend a huge amount of time on a project that does not bear fruit for us. However, writing a book does not have to take a long time. There are many ways of producing a book that make the whole process fit comfortably with our existing schedule. Even the process of writing can be integrated with our daily or weekly workload so we are not taking on extra tasks.

Will your book be a waste of time? There are many benefits to writing a book and not all of those benefits come along when the book is done. Some of those benefits include material that can be formed into products, topics for speaking engagements, blog posts and articles. There is also a less tangible benefit of clarity around your message and niche.

Writing your book will help you to work out your ideas, systems, and message faster than any other method because it requires precision. As soon as you start to write, you will gain a depth of understanding of what your business is about, who it is for, and what you do that you can’t get in any other way.

So, will your book be rubbish, will it be a waste of money and time? That is up to you, how you manage your book and how well you plan and execute it.

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