There are many ways to be noticeable but being noticeable because you are not there is the probably the worst way of all. Yet many of us, myself included, end up using this as our marketing strategy because we are waiting to get our ducks in a row.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to speak to Judith Morgan, The Small Business Oracle, about a project I was planning. We talked it over and she gave me some good ideas about getting it going. Then she asked me what I had been doing to grow my list.

I had to admit that I hadn’t done anything recently to develop my list. I had good reasons: I was busy recovering from a period of burnout and I had been busy working on my next big project. She challenged me on this, saying that waiting to get your ducks in a row was unnecessary and certainly would not help my list get any bigger.

After our call, I thought about what she had said and realised that she was right. Of course she was! I am almost ready to launch my new project on the world (so beware!) but in the meantime I realise I can still engage with the world and work on building my list.

It led me to ask myself this question: “Where are you being absent in your business (or even your life) right now?”missing piece of jigsaw

I realised that my absence from one area of my life was showing up in other areas, too. Needless to say, I had plenty of great excuses for my absences: work, money, energy, time…

But these are just excuses. Underneath any absence there is something else at play. Perhaps there is something else urgent that must be dealt with (a crisis or life event, for example), or maybe we have to process something or recover from something (an illness or a disappointment). The key is to know when that event or period of recovery has to be left behind so that we can make a new start.

We need to be aware of when our absence is no longer acceptable and get ourselves out there and engaged with the world again. Since my conversation with Judith, I have put in place a new list-building routine so that I am can take action now rather than waiting for my ducks to be lined up and ready to march. I am making the decision to be present again.

So, the question is: “Where are you absent in your life right now, and is it time for you to start to show up again?”

Even by asking yourself this question, you will begin to make the shift from absent to present and begin to build the motivation and energy for change. Enjoy the process, it is inspirational.

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Deborah Taylor
Deborah Taylor

Hi, I'm Deborah Taylor and I'm a publishing consultant and book-writing mentor. I work with established business owners who want to share their message by writing a book but are struggling to get started (or finished). I help them write, publish and launch a stand-out, attention-grabbing book that will raise their profile, reach more of their ideal clients and grow their business. I am a trained editor with over 15 years' publishing experience with major blue-chip UK publishing companies such as Hodder & Stoughton, BBC Books, Cassell and Pearson. I have produced books on every subject under the sun and with professinals and experts from a wide range of professions, from chefs and gardeners to life coaches and career consultants. I would love to help you write a book you love and that will raise your profile, attract new clients and bring you exciting new business opportunities.