Do you read as well as write?

It's a simple question: do you read as well as write? I only ask because it is easy to forget to read when you are focused on becoming an author. In fact, you may have actively decided not to read while you write in order not to muddle your mind – and book – with the opinions of others.

These days, there is so much emphasis on creating content that it is easy to forget the value of consuming it, too. Reading blog posts and liking them, reading LinkedIn posts and commenting on them, reading tweets and re-tweeting them…it all adds up to create a harmonious relationship with other influential business owners.

Enjoy reading as well as writing.
Enjoy reading as well as writing.

If such things existed in his day, I have no doubt that Dale Carnegie would have considered it a key activity in winning friends and influencing people. If you haven’t read his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, I suggest you do. It’s a classic and there’s always much to be learned from reading a classic.

Of course there are other benefits to reading, too. You get ideas for your own posts, you can share the valuable information you discover with your tribe and you learn things that can help with your business. What's not to like?

You don't need to confine yourself to business-related reading either. Ideas, inspiration, motivation and insight can all come as a result of reading any book. You may think the latest blockbuster is never going to help you figure out that irksome chapter that won't resolve itself but when your brain is at rest, you often get the kind of light bulb moments that you will never get from endlessly worrying away at an idea.

So balance your writing with reading. Read when you don't have any ideas for your blog post. Read when you need inspiration and read for pleasure. All reading matters and, what is more important, it all has the potential to help you give more in your own writing.

Happy reading, happy writing.

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