Dream Seed Magic – a book-writing journey

Dream Seed Magic is the title of Diane Leigh‘s first book. It is a memoir describing her personal journey from extraordinary woman living in the UK to even more extraordinary woman living her dream in Paris. If you ever need inspiration to follow your dreams and make what you want happen in your life, read this book. It’s a ripping tale and it had me hooked from the start to the finish – and I can’t wait for the next installment!

How do I know Diane?

I was introduced to Diane by my friend Karen Revell. They were both part of Judith Morgan‘s Club 100 coaching group. Diane mentioned she was looking for an editor, and Karen recommended me. Isn’t it strange how the best things can happen so simply.

The rest, as they say, is history. Diane’s book was 90 per cent done when she came to me, but over a few weeks we worked out what was missing, what needed to change and what needed to be removed and (after Diane did the work, of course) the book was finished. After that, it was a case of editing, proofreading, formatting for Kindle and getting the cover finished.

That makes the process seem simple, but we had a few weeks of to-ing and fro-ing to get everything done but it all happened very quickly. We started working together in November and Diane’s book was published in December. Not bad!

What made Diane’s book-writing journey special?

Some projects float on air and feel easy, while others seem incredibly laboured and difficult. Working with Diane was definitely the floaty kind. Why? Simply because when she showed up, she had a clear deadline, she was prepared to do the work and she took on board the changes she needed to make to get her book right. That doesn’t mean she swallowed my recommendations hook, line and sinker because she argued her case when she disagreed but so we always understood each other’s viewpoint. That made working together easy and enjoyable. Book-cover_FINAL

Diane’s commitment to her book-writing journey started long before I met her. She was an avid reader and writer. She explored ideas, wrote continuously and was always prepared to learn and take risks. She experimented, had fun and above all, was prepared to be honest about herself and her life.

I particularly loved her idea of writing daily tweets about her life in Paris, which she called 14o Stories (#140story) based on the 140 characters available in a Twitter post.  These little gobbets of daily life in Paris reveal her playfulness and creativity. This is a quality that she lives on a daily basis and that is evident throughout her book.

What can you learn from Diane?

Vision, focus, determination, commitment – these are the key qualities Diane brought to her book-writing and publishing journey. Without those qualities, she could have floundered. What she also had, though, was a target: a clear publication date. When we first met on Skype, Diane told me that she had set herself the target in January 2013 of publishing her book by the end of the year. ‘Do you think I can get it published by the end of December?’ she asked me. I had no hesitation: ‘yes’, I said.

Now, if Diane had said to me: ‘I’m thinking it would be really good if I could get my book published by the end of the year, but January or February will do’, I might not have been so ready to agree to go for a December publication date. Why? Because however much I pushed, shoved, scheduled and worked myself, if Diane hadn’t been prepared to do the work, then there is no way I could have helped her to meet her publication date.  Diane’s bit of magic was to have a very clear goal. If I’d said: ‘Diane, there is no way to do it by December’, I’m not sure she would have accepted that – she would have been the one pushing me!

How can you get on your own Dream Seed Magic publishing journey?

If you have a dream of writing a book, why not get on a free call with me and talk about it. The best things often start with a simple conversation – that’s how I Diane and I met, too. When I speak to you, I can understand who you are, what motivates you and what you want to achieve.

That means I can help you to decide what kind of book you’d like to write, how you can make it work for you and what you need to do next to make it a reality. So, why not take a leaf out of Diane’s book, take a risk, be committed to living your dreams and arrange a free, 1-hour publishing exploratory coaching session with me. You can do it here right now. The sooner you start planting your own dream seed the sooner you can experience the magic of being a published author.

I can’t wait to meet you.

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