Ten Top Tips to Rescue Your Unfinished Book

Tip 1: Get Feedback on Your Book

Previously, I listed 10 top tips to help you get back on track with your book. Whether you are grappling with your structure, your topic or your content, these tips will give you some insight into how to solve the problem. Here are the top tips again:

Top Tip 1: Get Feedback on Your Book
Top Tip 2: Create a Book Plan
Top Tip 3: Check the Structure
Top Tip 4: Check your subject is right
Top Tip 5: Work out where this book fits in your business
Top Tip 6: Make sure you are clear on your key points
Top Tip 7: Create a new writing schedule
Top Tip 8: Finish your planned book
Top Tip 9: Too much content
Top Tip 10: Too little content

Below are the details of the first, second and third tips on what you can do to get back on track with your book.

Top Tip 1: Get Feedback on Your Book

supportive feedback
Get feedback on your book

When you are stuck with your book, getting feedback on your book is essential. Only another person can help you because only another person can see your book with fresh eyes. When you get feedback on your book you access the powerful perspective of your prospective reader.

Only a reader can tell you whether the point you thought you had made is getting across or whether your book makes sense and is written in a logical order. It is only a reader can tell you if your style works or whether it’s a bit abrasive or dull. Only a reader can tell you if your book is hitting the mark.

The reason a reader can tell you what you cannot see is because they look at your book from the outside, whereas you see it from the inside. It is almost impossible to properly critique and edit your own work.

As the author, you will mentally fill in the gaps because you know what you are trying to say. When someone else reads what you have written, apart from picking out the grammatical and spelling errors will be able to tell you if your book is disjointed or has the wrong tone.

Who you get feedback on your book from is up to you. You can choose between an experienced editor, a trusted friend or someone else you trust to give you the feedback you need. Of course, I would advise you to see professional support because unless you have friends who are able to give you the critical assessment you need to move forward, you may be at risk of getting the wrong kind of criticism.

So, by all means seek out feedback on your book, but make sure you get it from the best place for you and that it will take you forward and not set you back.

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Deborah Taylor
Deborah Taylor

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