The final stage in getting your book done

The final stage in getting your book done is often the hardest because it involves a technical process that can be difficult to understand, and because it can involve working with other people.

This can quickly turn into a stumbling block that keeps you turning back to more revisions, and endless delaying unless you finally begin the publication process itself.

However, the main problem seems to be the process of finding and hiring an editor, but this isn’t as difficult as it seems as long as you stay calm, are clear what you are looking for and trust your instincts.

Hiring an editor

When it comes to hiring an editor or proof-reader it is important to approach the task of finding the right person to work on your book in a step-by-step way.

  1. Ask your contacts for a recommendation.
  2. Put your job on Elance or PeoplePerHour. Include details on the length of your book, when you want it done and an idea of the budget you have in mind. Allow up to £20 per 2500 words. You may well get the job done cheaper, but this should put you in the right ball park for a good-quality editor.
  3. As you read through the bids for your work, listen for your instincts for clues as to who feels right and who doesn’t. If you help wantedwant a native English speaker, look for that quality when reading the bids. Read the testimonials, look for evidence of experience, find out what kinds of projects they have done before. It takes time to sift through all the submissions, but eventually you will come to a decision that feels right.
  4. If you’re not sure, ask for a sample edit before you commit your whole book to someone.
  5. Make sure you read through the book carefully when you get it back; editors miss things, and you may not like all the changes so make sure you like the end result and it meets your standards.

Once you have an edited book, you may need to ask someone to prepare it for publication in Kindle format, for design for print or for design and conversion to PDF. You will also need to go through the same process finding a cover designer. While these jobs are being done, focus on writing your author copy for Amazon or your sales copy for a web page, or as cover copy.

If you need help with editing or understanding the publication process, download my free ebook, which details the entire process.

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