Do you want to write a heart-centred book

There are many different types of book you can write for your business but before you begin writing your ‘how to’ book, ask yourself whether what you really want is to write a heart-centred book instead.

When deciding to write a book, it is easy to get distracted by the temptation to write a purely marketing-focused or money-generating book for your business. But sometimes by focusing on the financial gains from writing a book you can miss your desire to write a more heart-centred book.

Writing a book that centres more on your message, purpose or passion will have a completely different impact on your business. That is because a book that has the status of a signature title has the potential to be a bestseller in an area beyond your business niche. It can give you a completely different resonance with your readers and make you a thought leader. This is the kind of book that will win you speaking engagements, press coverage, and powerful connections.

A book that is written from the heart also has the potential to form the platform of a business for you and launch you as a person of purpose - find yoursinfluence. It will have the power to create a reputation for you, win you fans and give you a voice that can create change not only for you but for your readers as well.

Compare this to a book designed purely to market your products and services; this kind of book could also be a bestseller but is unlikely to take you beyond your business niche. You may get a marketing boost from strategic alliances but you are unlikely to make connections outside of your industry. You may also find it more difficult to engage your tribe or readers at a deeper level with a marketing-led book because you are writing to gain attention not to provide leadership.

So when you think about the kind of book you want to write, give some thought to the heart-centred book where passion could get you more of what you want than you might first imagine.


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