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Thinking about it...

A great time to brainstorm ideas, identify your purpose, read up on your subject, gather knowledge about the publishing process and gathering resources.

P1: Planning

The Planning stage is all about nailing your concept and making key decisions about your book, such as the format, length, title and cover. 

P2: Producing Content

You're ready to write, so this stage is all about creating a detailed content plan, writing your first draft then doing your revisions to get it ready for publication. 

P3: Publication

This third phase of the 5P system is all about publication. It's the stage where you begin to work with others to finish it and make it ready for sale.

P4: Monetisation

Monetisation can include a whole range of activies, all of which are aimed at integrating your book into your business, ensuring it makes a contribution. 

P5: Promotion & Launch

This stage may be listed last, but it runs throughout the whole publishing process. Promotion is an activity you need to do before and after launching.

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Hi, I'm Deborah Taylor and I'm the founder of Book-Launch Your Business. 

I started this business because I wanted to share what I learnt from my background as an editor for traditional UK publishers to help self-publishing authors write and publish a book that sells. (Read More...)

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