Previously, I listed 10 top tips to help you get back on track with your book. Whether you are grappling with your structure, your topic or your content, these tips will give you some insight into how to solve the problem. Here are the top tips again:

Top Tip 1: Get feedback, preferably from a professional editor
Top Tip 2: Create a book plan so you know whether you have the right content
Top Tip 3: Check the structure works by looking at the contents list
Top Tip 4: Check your subject is right for your business and for you as an author
Top Tip 5: Work out where this book fits within your business
Top Tip 6: Make sure you are clear on your key points
Top Tip 7: Create a new writing schedule so you can begin writing regularly again
Top Tip 8: Finish writing before you start revising and editing
Top Tip 9: Focus your book if you have too much content
Top Tip 10: Add more detail if you have too little content
Below are the details of the fifth tip on what you can do to get back on track with your book. If you are struggling with your book, it’s possible you need to look at your motivation for writing it in the first place, which means working out where a book fits within your business and getting clear on what it can do for you.

Once you have a clear idea of how your book could work for your business you will find it easier to create an overall vision for your book.

Top Tip 5: Work out how your book fits within your business

If you don’t know where your book fits in your business, it’s easy to think it is a peripheral extra bit of work rather than a product biz purposethat has the power to complement and enhance your business. Getting the big picture – or vision – in place so you are clear how your book fits in with your business is essential to understanding its role and what it can do for you.

Once your vision is in place, the purpose of writing your book will become clear to you. That will make committing the time and effort to writing it far easier. If you want your book to be the hub of your marketing and the starting point for a range of products and services, you need to commit to it.

The other question you need to ask yourself is whether writing a book is the best way for you to get your message across. Are you writing a book because you think you should or because you really want to?

Work Out Your Big Why?

Begin by asking yourself why you want to write a book then ask yourself what you will be able to do, have or be with a book behind you that you cannot do, be or have right now? Answer these questions and add any others that come to mind:

  1. Why do you want to write a book?
  2. What will having a book in your product portfolio allow you to do?
  3. Who will you be able to be in your business when you have a book that you cannot be now?
  4. How will you feel about yourself and your business when you have published your book?
  5. How will publishing a book make you feel, think or act differently?
  6. What is your energetic or emotional connection with writing a book?
  7. What will publishing a book allow you to have that you do have not or cannot have now?
  8. How do you see publishing a book impacting on you and your business in the future?

The answers to these questions will form the basis of your business vision. This vision or big ‘why’ will help you identify the outcome you want to achieve with your book. This will, in turn, help you in choosing the best topic, structure, schedule and product pathway for your book.

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Deborah Taylor
Deborah Taylor

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