Ah, money, money, money. How it can strain us and bless us; how it can warm us and how it can leave us cold.

Last week, I made a decision to quit a job I have been doing for over a year, and which I took in a state of desperation about money. It was one of those jobs that I hated from the outset but which gave me that essential guaranteed income that so many of us self-employed people crave when our businesses are not quite meeting our financial needs.

Have you ever taken a job ‘just for the money’. If so, you’ll understand what I mean. money

But that has been the problem with this job: it gave me money and as a result I always ‘needed’ that money. At least that’s the way I see it.

I knew it was not getting me anywhere, but I just couldn’t quite give it up because I was in a desperate state of ‘need’.

As a result, quitting that job was a difficult decision. I had to resist that needy state and begin to trust in a different energy, the energy of trust and confidence. In the end, I resigned because I was (and am) ready for change.

Crucially, I realised I could only create that change by eliminating all the drains on my time and energy: and that included the job.

Since I made that decision, though, life has conspired to support me:

  1. First, I was offered a book-writing job completely out of the blue and which is, by an even stranger coincidence, all about one’s relationship to money as a business owner. I also got an editorial job, that I wasn’t expecting. All this happened within a few hours of making the decision to leave ‘the hideous job’.
  2. Second, I attended one of Judith Morgan’s (www.judithmorgan.com) Cashflow games, and discovered a lot about my own money mindset (and met a new author).

I am the first to admit that my money mindset has been poor for some while. I have attempted to alter it, but it has simply felt like a lot of effort with nothing to show for it.

What I am now beginning to realise is that creating a change in my money mindset is about doing far more than having positive thoughts. It is about trusting myself and the world (or Universe, if you prefer) to nurture and sustain me; it is about realising that flow is a two-way street.

I have also realised that if I get clear on what I want that the pathways to receiving are opened up. Above all, everything begin to feel effortless.

When our  thoughts and actions are made with positive energy and positive intent it sends a message out that tells the world we are ready. And when we do that we get a response that says: ‘Well, if you’re ready, here is what you need. Take it, it is yours.’

I know there are many far more experienced practitioners of the Law of Attraction than I, but now that I have glimpsed how it can work, I am eager to relax into the process and allow more of it to happen.

For me, abundance includes writing, especially books. As an expression of my new abundant thinking, I am focusing on writing those books because I know they are part of my pathway to flow and money.

I may be a novice at this abundance lark, but I’m learning fast. If abundance eludes you, I hope you can learn how to bring more of it into your life soon, too.

Deborah Taylor
Deborah Taylor

Hi, I'm Deborah Taylor and I'm a publishing consultant and book-writing mentor. I work with established business owners who want to share their message by writing a book but are struggling to get started (or finished). I help them write, publish and launch a stand-out, attention-grabbing book that will raise their profile, reach more of their ideal clients and grow their business. I am a trained editor with over 15 years' publishing experience with major blue-chip UK publishing companies such as Hodder & Stoughton, BBC Books, Cassell and Pearson. I have produced books on every subject under the sun and with professinals and experts from a wide range of professions, from chefs and gardeners to life coaches and career consultants. I would love to help you write a book you love and that will raise your profile, attract new clients and bring you exciting new business opportunities.