Whether writing comes naturally to you or not, you will almost definitely need to prepare to write your book in some way or another. That preparation may be mental, physical or practical, depending on your situation and preferences. If you have never considered getting prepared to write before now, here are some tips on what to do to make your writing time more productive and enjoyable.


If you find getting down to writing your book a challenge, you will find it helpful to schedule your writing time. This means you will be mentally prepared for this work, rather than just turning up at the page and going blank.

Next, you need to take some time to switch your mind from your previous tasks, distractions and concerns and focus on your book. This will make it easier for you to ensure your attention is on your book and that will make writing easier.

Before you begin writing, put yourself in a positive, can-do frame of mind. This is important if you are about to tackle a part of your book that you are not feeling so confident about or that you have been struggling with. Remind yourself that you are more than capable of writing this book.

Raise your motivation by envisioning it being finished and published. How good will you feel when your book is done? Imagine yourself telling everyone about it. Build up those positive feelings. By now you will probably be itching to write, so dive in.

Physicalbe prepared

So much about being prepared to write is about being physically comfortable. That may mean being in one place one day and a different place the next: it depends on what works for you on any given day. Wherever your ideal writing location is, make sure it is comfortable. Straining your back or your eyesight will not make writing enjoyable.

Other factors that influence your physical comfort include not being hungry or thirsty, wearing comfortable clothing and being able to type or write without strain. If you aren’t comfortable, your writing sessions may be shortened as a result. You may also find the quality of your work suffers because it is difficult to produce your best work when you have a headache from having the sun in your eyes or because your back aches.

Being comfortable physically is not a luxury it is an important part of what you need to do to prepare to write your book and will be a major contributor to your progress.


Part of your preparations to write your book is making sure you have the right materials, references and resources available to you. If you need to keep getting up to find books you want to take quotes from or to find paper for the printer, you will find it difficult to concentrate on your writing. So before you begin writing, make sure you have all your tools around you, after all, a carpenter wouldn’t turn up to create some bookshelves without the tools needed to do the job. You need your tools in place, too.


Of course, it isn’t always possible to prepare to write your book so you can be in the perfect place at the perfect time, and you may not always be in the mood to write when you do have the time. If this is the case, the only solution is to decide to work for a limited time, and to simply get started. If you do this, you will make progress no matter how well or badly prepared you are to write your book.

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Deborah Taylor
Deborah Taylor

Hi, I'm Deborah Taylor and I'm a publishing consultant and book-writing mentor. I work with established business owners who want to share their message by writing a book but are struggling to get started (or finished). I help them write, publish and launch a stand-out, attention-grabbing book that will raise their profile, reach more of their ideal clients and grow their business. I am a trained editor with over 15 years' publishing experience with major blue-chip UK publishing companies such as Hodder & Stoughton, BBC Books, Cassell and Pearson. I have produced books on every subject under the sun and with professinals and experts from a wide range of professions, from chefs and gardeners to life coaches and career consultants. I would love to help you write a book you love and that will raise your profile, attract new clients and bring you exciting new business opportunities.