Are you ready to write your book?

Are you ready to write your book?

Are you ready to write a book? If you want to write a book but haven’t started yet, it may be because you are not ready. Or you may be ready but just think you’re not.

But how do you know the difference? And how do you know whether you need to push through resistance or whether to shelve your plans and wait until it’s a better time?

You are probably not ready to write your book if:

  • Your business isn’t set up to capitalise on the opportunities that arise from publishing a book (and you aren’t likely to resolve that situation quickly).
  • You haven’t established a niche that you want to get known for yet.
  • You’re already working on another major project.
  • You’re struggling to manage your current workload.
  • You’re at capacity with your client load and are not ready to raise your fees.
  • You’re struggling with money.

Why do I say ‘probably not ready to write your book’?

Well, very simply because it is likely that there are people who have written books when they have been hampered by one or more of the no-no situations I list.

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If you recognise that you are experiencing one of those situations but you believe you can still write a book, I’m not going to discourage you. It’s your business and you’re the only person who can decide the right thing to do for you and your business.

You are probably ready to write your book if:

  • You have a clear idea how it would work as part of your business.
  • You have a niche or area of business that you want to get known for.
  • You are ready to accept more money and more clients into your business.
  • You are ready to enjoy more opportunities, attention and exposure to more markets.
  • You have some capacity in your schedule to take on a book.
  • You have the financial resources to publish a book.
  • You are in a position to maximize the financial potential a book offers you.

It could be that you are fully ready to write a book. Maybe you’re enjoying a period of growth in your business and have all the conditions in place to write a book but still decide it’s not the right decision for you. Again, you know what is right for you and your business.

Every problem has a solution

WritingKnowing whether you are ready to write your book has nothing to do with ability. In many ways it has nothing to do with anything but the desire and commitment to do the work.

There is a way around every apparent road block: if you are short of time, you can hire people to help.

If you are short of cash, there are places where you can hire people for a very small sum of money. You can do most things yourself if you are willing to learn how to do it.

Only you know if you’re ready

The decision about whether you are ready to write your book is probably one based on your own assessment of your readiness. Only you know whether now is the right time, whether you have the resources (time, money, capacity) and whether you are set up to make the most of the opportunities that come your way. (TIP: If you are offered a great opportunity, say ‘yes’ to it and figure out the details later. That one comes from Richard Branson!)

If you want to write a book but are concerned that you might not be ready book a call here. I can help you make the decision about whether now is the time and if not, what you can do to get prepared to do it another time.

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