What would success mean for your book right now? This is not a question you may have thought of asking yourself because you are so immersed in the day-to-day work of planning, writing and producing your book. Success is such an overused word but is also the hardest word to define. We all know what it also means but it means something different to each of us.

Success does not necessarily mean finishing your whole book, achieving bestseller status or growing your list by hundreds or even thousands. Of course, all of those achievements are huge and big indicators of success. While those pinnacles may be what we all dream of want for our books, we know that smaller achievements can be experienced as significant successes as they take us forward on the path of developing our businesses.

So, let’s take a look at success and answer the question: What would success mean for your book right now?

You’re at the start-up stage

If you are still in the start-up phase with your book, you’re likely to experience a number of small successes as you begin to hone your idea, get your book plan in place and develop with your title and cover ideas. Each time you make a decision, get that buzz of excitement and feel ready to move to the next part of your start-up journey, you can feel your progress and experience the joy of each step along the way.

You’re writing your book

Your successes are going to be frequent at this stage as they could include anything from turning up at the page on a daily basis to achieving your word target or from finishing your first draft to completing your final revisions. The writing stage is probably one of the most challenging, but there are many markers that you can set along the way. Because it is easy to get bogged down and confused during the writing process, it is important that you celebrate all your successes.

You’re finishing your book

When you’re in the process of finishing your book – getting it edited, proof-read and formatted – you only have one big goal: pressing the button that says “Publish”. However, there are many stages along the way that you can mark and celebrate so it's important that you recognise them and do so. This is going to be a busy and demanding stage in the production of your book and it can feel as if you climb one mountain only to find another higher one straight ahead. Despite this, it is important to stay aware that although this journey is challenging you are making regular progress.

Set goals for maximum successsteps to success

Setting goals will help you recognise your achievements. If you do not recognise the significance of each stage of your progress, the end can seem a long way away, especially when things are not going to plan. Goals are your key markers along your book-writing journey. You may be tempted to set goals for your big landmark achievements but it is important to set daily goals and targets so you can reach the end of the day and know you have had a success that you can build on the next day and the next. This will help you get sense of progress, which is important when a part of your journey presents challenges. Seeing how far you have come can help to inspire and motivate you.

Learn to recognise your successes

If you want to feel successful, you need to learn to recognise your successes. It is easy to think that it is only when you finish your book that you can celebrate but although this will be your ultimate celebration, there can be many others along the way if you are prepared to mark them. By recognising and celebrating each achievement on your way to publishing your book, you will be able to feel your success before you reach your final goal.

The process of writing and publishing a book is a long one, so these markers along the way are priceless moments when you have a long project to bring to fruition.

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Deborah Taylor
Deborah Taylor

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