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    The planning phase is all about exploring your book concept and checking that it’s going to achieve your goals. During the planning phase, you’ll have the chance to make decisions about all the key elements of your book, from the title and cover to the publication date and length. This will help you write the right book for your business and your audience.

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    Producing Content

    When you’ve finished planning your book, you’ll be ready to start writing. This process has five main stages: Plan your content, Write your first draft, Do your revisions, Add enhancements and Prepare for the publication process.

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    The publication process starts as soon as you’re ready to send your book to a copy editor. Once this happens, you’ll be on the way to making your manuscript into a finished book. The publication process has seven four main stages: Copy editing, Page design and page layout, Proofs and corrections (including Proofreading), Print-ready file. While your book is going through this process, you’ll be writing sales and cover copy, finalising your cover design with your designer.

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    Promotion is split into two phases: P4.1 – Pre-publication (building your audience), P4.2 – Launch (promoting your book on publication). There is, of course, a third stage, which is doing some post-launch marketing so you can keep your book sales going. The earlier you start marketing and promoting your book, the more sales you’ll make and the more success you’ll have with your book.

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    Productisation is about achieving ensuring there is a direct link between your book and your business so you can use it to achieve your publishing goals, including growing an engaged mailing list and making money from your book. You could even create a product that’s based on your book before you’ve even finished writing it. That way, your book can start earning money for you long before publication, helping it to pay for itself.