Previously, I suggested seven book structures you could use if you are struggling to come up with a good book topic. These structures make it easier to get writing and published fast. The first one I am examining today is the Interview structure.

  1. Interview (and be interviewed)
  2. Write a list of ‘ways to’ or ‘resources for’ etc.
  3. How to ‘How to learn Twitter in a weekend’
  5. Hints and tips
  6. Articles
  7. Resource file


Interviews are a great way to create a high-value book quickly. You have two options:

  1. You can ask someone to interview you about how you help your clients and get it transcribed into a book.
  2. You can interview someone who has a well-established business, process or reputation who has information of value that you can share with your readers.

Bear in mind that you will need to get the interview transcribed so allow for that cost. Also allow time to edit and proof-read.

Being interviewed

Before you are interviewed, you will need to work out what questions you would like to be asked or, if you interviewer is willing, they can form some questions for you. You can approve the questions before the interview so you can prepare.interview

If you are still working out your niche, this is a great way of discovering what you think because in the process of answering the questions your niche, process and approach will start to emerge.

Interviewing another person

If you have a good enough contact – or can get one – you could ask them if you could interview them. You will still need to have a specific topic or area of their work that you want to ask them about and you’ll need to know enough about what they do to ask the right questions.

Being the interviewer gives you authority in this relationship, so far from being the poor relation, you are going to

Other benefits of the Interview structure

There are many opportunities the Interview book structure offers you. Here are some to consider:

  • You will have an audio file you can publish as a pod-cast.
  • You can create a PowerPoint video based on the audio and post to YouTube.
  • If you interview someone, you can form an immediate joint venture (JV) partnership based on your book.
  • You could host a webinar based on your interview.
  • You could offer the audio file as a free offer or a product to get sign-ups to your list.

Get thinking, because there are many ways to use an interview and they will all have positive benefits for your business.

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