Could you write a book in six weeks?

Even as I wrote this headline, I knew some would be saying, “You can do it faster than that!” and others saying, “You need to spend longer than that”. So in a way, whether you think it’s possible to write a book in six weeks comes down to what you believe.

Whether it is possible to write a book in six weeks is less about time and more about whether you are committed to doing it. It's about whether you are prepared to make a decision and whether you are willing to turn up and do the work. It's not about whether it takes six weeks or four weeks or one week, it's about the decision to do it at all.

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Choose Kindle for speed and ease

The format you choose to publish your book in also has an impact on how fast you can get it out there. You might struggle to write 30,000 words and publish a physical book in six weeks, but it you could definitely write and publish an 8000-12,000 word Kindle book in six weeks. This is why you need to know what you want to achieve before you start your book.

How to write a book in six weeks

1: Announce it first

Before you set pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) you need to announce your book to the world. There are two reasons for this. First, it gives you a deadline and the accountability you need to finish your book. Second, it kickstarts your marketing. You may be surprised to learn that you need to start marketing your book so early, but it's crucial if your book is going to deliver a result for your busiess. Ideally, you should announce it to your followers as soon as you have made the decision to write and publish your book. Even if you don’t have a fully worked-out title, tell people (roughly) what you’re planning to write about. If you’re not sure about your topic, why not say so and ask for feedback? (You may even get ideas for more books and products.)

2: Write it fast

A six-week schedule doesn’t allow for masses of writing time, so be prepared to write fast. If you plan your book properly with a good content plan, writing it should be fast. Writing fast has many benefits. First, it keep you focused so you are less likely to get stuck. Second, it gets the book finished in a short time period so you are less likely to get distracted. Third, it gives you momentum and energy so you keep going to the end. Remember, when your start writing your book your goal is to produce a good first draft not a brilliant finished book. So set aside enough time for revisions and editing so you can hone your first draft into your finished manuscript.

3: Get organised

If you want to succeed in writing a book fast, you need to be organised. That isn’t just about having a clear desk and folder for all your stuff, it’s also about organising your time. Make the decision from the start that you are going to set aside two hours each working day to work on your book. If you do this every week for six weeks you will be able to write, revise, market and sell your book. So it will be possible to write your book in six weeks.

Ditch the excuses

Six weeks to write a book?

If you’re going to write a book in six weeks you need to be practical. Choose a period of time where you can realistically put in the hours. However, avoid procrastinating and saying, “I’m too busy”. The truth is that you’ll always be too busy to write a book until you make a decision to set aside the time to get it done. It is only by having the right amount of focus, determination and commitment that you will ever get a book written. Remember, you can have one of two things in life: excuses or results. Decide when to do it, commit the time and get the result.

It is possible to write a book in six weeks (or even less!)

It’s more than possible to write a book in six weeks. In fact I’m willing to bet you could do it faster if you wanted to! I know some authors who have written a book every week for 12 weeks. That’s a huge commitment. And I only tell you that so you can see that the only limit to your productivity is your willingness to commit to the work.

Once you have made a decision to do it, you are committed so you are far more likely to achieve the result. After that, it’s simply a matter of setting aside the time and turning up to do the work.

I know it isn’t easy to make a decision to write a book in six weeks. That’s why I’ve created the 6-Week Kindle Bootcamp. It’s a structured course aimed at giving you the information, support and accountability you need to plan, write, market and publish a short Kindle book fast. If that's something you’re interested in, download my free eBook and find out how writing a short Kindle book could help you to become a published author faster than you might have ever imagined.

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