Could you write an eBook in 7 days?

Could you write an eBook in 7 days? Well, the simple answer is yes: you could very easily write an eBook in 7 days. It is a surprisingly achievable goal and you could do it in just a few hours each day! But why would you want to write an eBook and why would you want to do it in 7 days?

Why an eBook?

KindleThe reason why I suggest that you write an eBook in particular is because eBooks (Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo) work well even when they are relatively short. A print book works best when it is at least 30,000 words in length (depending on a number of factors, of course).

However, an eBook can be anything from 3000-5000 words and be more than adequate as a book. This makes writing an eBook far more achievable in a short time.

It also makes the process far less daunting. A short eBook that can outline your key message, provide information, guidance and help to your clients. In other words, it has the capacity to boost your business while not taking too much time out of your schedule.

Why 7 days?

I think 7 days is an achievable amount of time to get an eBook done. You can spend a few days planning, researching and generally getting your ideas together (so you produce a book that is worthwhile), take a few days to write it and a give yourself a day to check it over and revise it before sending it to an editor.

Within a further 7 days, you could probably get the book edited, formatted and published in Kindle format. That means that within 14 days if you truly focused, you could have an eBook out there.


The other purpose of a short schedule is that it forces you to focus. As you know focus is the greatest catalyst for productivity. However, getting focused and staying focused are both challenges when you are a busy solo business owner (as are many of us who are building our businesses). Keeping your attention on one job and finishing it can be hard.deadline

First of all, the sheer quantity of other stuff that needs doing can be distracting (to say the least). Second, as solo business owners we work on our own a lot, and that means we can easily talk ourselves out of doing things for this reason or that. Finally, if a job takes too long for us to start and finish we can easily find ourselves moving on to the next thing before we’ve finished the last one.

That makes getting a short eBook written in 7 days far more achievable.


The magic word is completion. In 7 days it is possible to achieve this glorious objective and enjoy knowing that you have finished something that you can use in your business in a matter of days.

There is a glory in completing project that it is easy to forget about once you leave the corporate world. One of the down-sides of being a solo business owner is that there are few opportunities to share the many and varied emotions that come with finishing and launching a project you have been working on. In other words, it’s easy to forget what it feels like to finish something. A 7-day programme gives you this in spades.

Deborah x

PS: If you’d like to find out about more about getting an eBook written in 7 days, email me to find out how I can help you achieve this goal. 

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